Saturday, May 29, 2010

Labrador Birthday Cake

It occurs to me that even though I made this for my sister's birthday back in February, I'm yet to post any pictures of it! Le gasp!

So, below are some pictures of my awesome (even if I say so myself) Labrador puppy cake. It's a chocolate mud cake, the same recipe I used to make the book cakes, and between the cake and the white (tinted yellow) icing is blood orange buttercream, since the sisterous one suggested jaffa as a flavour. The buttercream recipe is from Cupcake Project :)

Also, he is super shiny because I learned Many Things in making this cake. For example, actually let the cake cook all the way through, even if it IS taking half an hour longer than it should; otherwise, when you sculpt the cake, it will be crumbly. Also things like, do not try to cover the ears with one piece; make them separately and stick them on later. And, when you intend to sculpt the cake so the puppy's head lies on the ground, this is a Good Thing - otherwise the head will spend its life sagging and the dog will be in danger of being de-muzzled.

But the shininess is milk, because I had to coat the whole thing in milk to smooth out the cracks in the icing. Lesson learned, and when I made another cake a month ago, we had no icing cracks, woo hoo! So you know. A considered success, I think B-)

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