Thursday, January 5, 2006


Autumn is a time of falling leaves and crisp air, warm days and cool nights, robust flavours and generous servings. It's time for a good roast with a glorious sticky glaze, a rich chocolate pudding, or maybe some heart-warming soup.

Braised Chicken with Creamy Leek Sauce - Savory, nutty leeks give this cream sauce and chicken dish a subtle flavor sure to be loved by fans of onions and garlic. Serve this with forbidden rice, sweet potato, and a sparkling cider.

Brown Bread Blueberry Crumble - Round up those last few berries left from summer or grab a bag of frozen ones for this classic dessert with an autumny twist.

Pumpkin-Mushroom Risotto - Combine the first fruits of the colder weather with the last of summer's fresh herbs in this between-season delectable dish.

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