Saturday, December 9, 2006

Amy's List of Things to Bake

* Potato Wedge Cupcakes w/ sourcream & sweet chilli
* Mini cherry pies
* Cake pops
* Petit fours
* Non-fail watermelon cupcakes :P
* Apple pie cupcakes
* Lavendar Pear Bear cupcakes
* Some sort of PB&J cupcakes
* Cranberry Orange Scones
* Spherified anything!!
* Cherry-raspeberry Orbs
* Pear Fritters
* Flatbread with honey, thyme and sea salt
* Wholewheat raspberry ricotta scones
* Amazing caramel and pecan and chocolate tarte
* Chocolate cranberry cake (YUM - might try making this for Christmas)
* Polar bear cookies :o) So much cute.
* Thin-mints Brownies
* Five Spice Plum Cake
* Eight-texture Chocolate Cake


Yunaleska said...


Amy said...

No recipes, as of yet, for the most part. These are mostly just flavour combinations I want to investigate :D

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