Monday, September 20, 2004

Amy Laurens

Country: Australia

Cooking philosophy:
Fresh, quick and fabulous. Working fulltime and having a Small Person in the house means meals need to be healthy, tasty, and above all quick and easy to make.

Favorite food to eat:
Chocolate, gelato, roasted potatoes and cheese (tasty, cheddar, feta, parmesan), though obviously not all together :P

Least favorite food: Raw tomato. It's the bane of my life, really, as there are so many foods I know I'd love if I could handle the tomato - but I just can't. Canned tomato is fine. Tomato paste and sauce are also fine. There's just something about raw tomato!

Favorite food to cook: Anything fancy for celebrations, especially cupcakes.

Can't live without what tool in the kitchen: A good, sharp knife and my garlic crusher.

Can't live without this spice: A good, full-flavoured olive oil, garlic, and salt ;)

Cooking goals for 2012:
Actually COOKING dinners again on a regular basis, rather than foraging in the cupboards. Life is gradually reaching equilibrium again after having the Small Person, and I'm craving healthy, home-cooked meals. To this end, I really want to start menu-planning - saves on brain power and wasted food.

A little about me: Usually it's just my husband and myself for dinner, but that doesn't stop me cooking in large quantities. Leftovers rule the earth when it comes to lunch the next day, and my mum believed in a hearty serving; she grew up on a dairy farm after all. For me, eating is social; it's just What You Do when lots of people get together, and I love it when the heart of my home pulses with life and energy.

Amy's To-Bake List

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