Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fruit and Vegie Box: Contents

As you know, my lovely fruit and vegie box was delivered to my doorstep on Wednesday evening. In the interests of establishing a baseline for the coming weeks, I thought I'd detail the contents of my box here, and give my first impressions :) And because I want to be able to compare value for money, I'm also weighing everything :)


1 giganti-lettuce (340g)
2 massive navel oranges (863g total)
2 apples that I think are Fujis (277g total)
2 apples, more standard-looking, almost like a red delicious (370g total)
1 pink lady apple (168g)
1 standard pear (272g)
1 packham pear (219g)
3 Imperial mandarins (221g)
1 brown onion (134g)
3 potatos (438g)
1 zucchini/corgette (104g)
1 head of broccoli (289g)
4 bananas (609g)
3 carrots (522g)
cherry tomatoes (255g)
button mushrooms (128g)

As well as that, I also bought 390g of feta, and a 980g loaf of potato and rosemary sourdough which smells DIVINE.

First impressions:

VERY first impression - the bread smells heavenly.
Second impression - hmm, not as much in here as I'd hoped. On further analysis, I think this is because the fruit outweighs the vegetables, and we tend to eat more vegetables than fruit. The website does say that you can email them to negotiate, and I did that because the original list included green capsicum (pepper) and I don't like green; they were happy to switch for me... But note the lack of capsicum in the above list. I also seem to be missing the cucumber they promise on the website list, not that that bothers me, since we don't eat that many salads in winter. And to be fair, the website does say the list is a guide, dependent on availability. So you know.

On closer inspection, I remain ambivalent. The carrots, lettuce and mushrooms appear particularly fresh, although not better than what I've had before from the supermarket. I think the lettuce is crisper, though. Might last longer. The fruit, though, doesn't seem particularly superior to what I've had before - with the exception of the oranges, which are very heavy for their size, boding well. But oranges are good right now, at the peak of their season, so you know.

I'll report back in more detail as each item is consumed, I suppose!



The box of fresh food cost me $25. The bread was very expensive, at $6.95, but the smell is tooootally worth it. So you know. The feta was $10.95, which equals about $2.81 per 100g.

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