Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Iron Cupcake Challenge

In celebration of the Return of the Blog, Liana and I have decided to get in on the action - the cooking competition action, that is! Our first challenge will be the Iron Cupcake: Earth monthly challenge, January edition. The theme is Winter Warm Up - make a cupcake inspired by, based on, related to, etc something that you use to keep warm in winter.

Quite by accident, we both managed to come up with the idea of making hot chocolate cupcakes with chili. Just goes to show, we really are twins >:)

Anyway, we shall be busily baking our entries at some point in the next week, since entries close on the 24th, and since part of entering is to post on the blog, that's what we'll do! You'll get to see the list of fabulous prizes, a link whereby you can go and VOTE FOR US to win the contest (O:)) and, of course, two fantastic interpretations of the same idea that shows that, while we are in fact twins, we still manage to be creatively original :D

Also, the next book cake installment will be up by the end of the week.


1 comment:

Yunaleska said...

Looking forward to both those posts!

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